Assess Your Windows



How can you tell when your windows may be in need of service or replacement?  We recommend inspecting your windows annually for the following:




Exterior Condition

  • Peeling paint
  • Wood rot
  • Worn out caulk
  • Water damage
  • Fogged up or cloudy glass

Even an aluminum clad window can undergo wood rot, which in this case resulted in extensive water damage to wall framing.  Inspect the aluminum cladding at the bottom of the window for signs that water has leaked behind it.  Early detection can minimize the cost of eliminating the problem.

Interior Condition

  • Water damage around the frame
  • Water damage below the window


  • Air leakage
  • Draftiness
  • Water damage

Ease of Operation

  • Open properly
  • Close properly
  • Lock as expected


If you notice any of the above issues, we advise having one of our experts come out and assess the integrity of your windows.  Click here to contact us today.